Our expert team offers full-service consulting on custom software development projects.

Strategy Consulting

Setting a technology strategy can be challenging with competing priorities across the organization. Allow the Digital Squared team to analyze your initiatives, build a framework for investment in technology, and create a methodology for investment that fits your business objectives. Creating a strategy to digitize core business tasks, reduce complexity, standardize stack architecture and accelerate digital transformation are at the core of our service.

User Experience Management

The best technology doesn’t win without a clear focus on User Experience (UX). Our UX experts know how to creating effortless user experience that intuitively considers user persona, needs and capabilities. We put users at the center of everything we do in this process to help you create an emotional bond with your customers. Our UX leadership pushes organizations to deliver thoughtful solutions.

Cloud Transformation

In a world of competitive technology advantage and rapid digital transformation, intelligent companies use the cost advantage and security that comes with moving infrastructure and key applications to the cloud. Our team can work as a partner in setting a cloud strategy and delivering on it. We can optimize your cloud strategy and facilitate migration to the cloud.


Our customer-centric design methodology places user experience at the focal point of our design efforts. We combine leading-edge technology and best practices with intuitive and effortless user experience to deliver world-class design. Our design expertise has been sought after by some of the world’s leading digital brands because of our focus on enhancing and simplifying the customer journey.

Engineering & Application Development

The Digital Squared team has been at the core of building the applications that are currently used by thousands of organizations. Our engineering team can deliver on your technology mission, using the right business application to achieve the needed result.

Application Integration

A lack of data integration leads to operational inefficiency and misinformation in leadership decisions. The Digital Squared team has extensive background in integrating key applications to allow for greater ease of use, eliminating data errors, data duplication and inefficiencies and making then a thing of the past. We also provide insights into the key performance metrics to facilitate faster and more effective decision-making throughout the entire organization.

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