How Integrating ERP and eCommerce Can Enhance Your Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that combines all aspects of a business into one integrated system. ERP allows different business management applications to work together. Many back-office functions, such as IT, inventory software, warehouse management, and HR functions can be completed in the same system with the use of ERP software. When ERP is integrated with eCommerce, they work together as one.

Why Would an eCommerce Business Want ERP?

With the implementation of ERP software, your eCommerce website is more manageable with a streamlined order process. For example, a customer adds an item to the cart, then completes the checkout process. ERP software then triggers a confirmation email, pulls the item from your inventory data, and creates a shipping label. The software may also send the customer a tracking email and update your finance functions to show the profit you made from the sale.

ERP solutions offer many benefits to a company’s online ordering processes and procedures, examples include:

No matter what systems you have implemented, integrating your ERP and eCommerce platforms is critical to stay competitive. Choosing a skilled development team, can create a long-term partnership of collaboration and sustainable success. With 15+ years of commerce expertise and 150+ projects successfully launched, Digital Squared partners with leading retailers and B2B organizations to drive revenue through the full suite of products, with a focus on Commerce.  If you are currently in the process of integrating your software solutions we would be happy to discuss your integration project with you.