Use Google Analytics to Optimize Your eCommerce Store

When set up correctly, Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing the success of your eCommerce store and developing new strategies to help you continue to drive revenue. Using Google Analytics can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, better understand your visitors, and optimize your store for conversions and sales.

How to Set Up

Once you have opened a Google Analytics account, simply click “Get Tracking ID” at the bottom of your page to get your tracking code.

On the next page, copy the tracking code and paste it in the provided section of your eCommerce store. This will vary depending on what eCommerce product you are using. The tracking code will look like the image below:


After the tracking code is added to your eCommerce site, go back to your Google Analytics account, and turn your eCommerce tracking on under View Settings > Ecommerce Settings. After that you are all set!

What Can Google Analytics Help With?

After your tracking is set up on your online store, you now have access to all kinds of useful data and reports including:

Real-Time – Shows you what is happening on your site in real time.

This real-time report will show you who is on your site at that very moment, where they came from, their geographic location and what pages they’re browsing.

Audience – Tells you more about who is on your site.

Use Google Analytics data to get a clear picture of who your potential customers really are. You can learn many things about who your prospects/customers are including:

Acquisition – Tells you how your visitors and customers found and arrived at your site.

You can use your Google Analytic to learn more about your website traffic sources. Google Analytics shows you can show you detailed reports on:

Behavior – Tells you important information about your site and what your visitors are doing on your site.

Learn more about your customers by looking at their shopping behavior. Learn about the type of products they view, click on, and add to their cart all while tracking checkouts and transactions.

Conversions – Tells you more about your sales and conversions. With Google Analytics you can get valuable customer data such as:

Interested in eCommerce and Google Analytics?

Sometimes this data can be daunting and many businesses do not have the in-house expertise to conduct proper analysis and interpretation.

Digital Squared’s Analytics practice is focused on ensuring your business gets the most from its data. We offer the tools and expertise to empower your team to take actionable steps with confidence based around your KPIs. Our Google Analytics services include: