Introducing the Digital Squared Blog

I am excited to announce the launch of Digital Squared blog. We were focusing on successful delivery of over a hundred of projects for our clients in the last few years, but would like to carve out some time to begin sharing our story.

My business partner Michael Bessolov and I both came from eCommerce world working together at Magento. Michael was the Director of Technology at Magento and the Director of Magento Core Technology at eBay after eBay’s accusation of Magento. I was a Project Manager of Magento Expert Consulting Group responsible for working with strategic Magento clients and enabling Magento partners to ensure their Magento projects are set for success. When we started Digital Squared, Magento was an obvious platform of choice for us. However, eCommerce world is changing dynamically and although we still have a strong portfolio of Magento clients, we decided to diversify our technology portfolio and extended our offerings to other eCommerce platforms as well, including BigCommerce, Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce.

While focusing on eCommerce implementations initially, we discovered new opportunities to help our clients digitizing other aspects of their business. Fast forwarding to today, Digital Squared now helps clients implementing the following solutions:

In addition, we help our clients with the following services:

We are planning to blog about our experience addressing our clients challenges and share our expertise from business and technology angles. We hope you will find it informative.

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Thank you,

Andrew Gerasimov, CEO of Digital Squared